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    This collection of resources from the Manitoba Department of Education can support your child’s well-being and learning growth, and encourage meaningful family-centred learning. New early childhood, Kindergarten to Grade 12, and adult learning supports will be added and updated regularly.

    My Learning at Home Website

    Manitoba Education : COVID-19

    This website provides updates on the Education Deparment's plans, school operations, protocols as well as FAQs for education during COVID-19. It also has success stories from various schools and divsions within the province.

    COVID-19 Infomation for Parents & Educators

    Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre

    The provincial remote learning support centre was established to provide a coordinated effort in addressing the goal of the Manitoba provincial remote learning strategy, which is to ensure that all students have access to and engage in high-quality learning regardless of the circumstances posed by COVID-19.

    Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre Website
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